Affordable themed Unique Wedding Invitations


Homemade wedding invitations are a perfect way to get people to join you on your special day, and making natural-themed wedding invitations can be very cheap. This article will cover three cheap and homemade nature-themed wedding invitations.

Leaves Print

This unique themed wedding invitation can be done using a leaf. You can use all types of leaves for this homemade invitation; You also need a stock of valuable cards, hammers, wax paper, and markers.
Start this artificial invitation by placing the leaves between wax paper and cardstock. You may want to stick a leaf in place on wax paper to create the pattern you want. Then place the stock card on the leaves and tap the paper with a hammer. This will cause the leaves to make a trace to the paper, and this lightweight design makes for a nice background for your wedding invitations.
To complete this inexpensive nature craft simply write the necessary information on the stock card, fold it, and place it inside the envelope. This natural wedding invitation is a unique homemade idea that is also cheap to create.

Flower pressed

Other cheap wedding invitations can be done using floral themed wedding invitations For this homemade craft you need some books, flowers, scissors, glue, paint brush, stock card, and markers. Start this cheap wedding invitation a few days early by cutting the blossom of the selected flower and placing it flat in the book. Place a few books on a book of flowers, and let the flowers dry for a few days. You can find beautiful flowers at cheap prices in nature, or at a local florist.
Put an invitation by folding the card item in half and write a nice message on the front. Add important information into using markers as well. Use a brush to add a thin layer of glue to the corner of the wedding invitations and place flowers on the glue. Let the flowers dry and your invitations complete.

Cone cone pattern

You can make pinecone patterned wedding invitations that are not expensive to make. For this homemade invitation, you need pine cones, glue, wire cutter, card stock, and markers. Start by folding stockstock in half and write down the message on the front; Also write information about your wedding on the inside of the card.
Then use the wire cutter to cut the individual petals of the pine cone. Now use pine cone pieces and glue to create a fun boundary on this nature-themed wedding invitation. You can also make flowers with pine cone pieces by encircling small beads with individual pine cone pieces. After this homemade invitation is drained, ready to put in the envelope and sent to your guests.
When creating your wedding invitation remember to include all the information your guests need. Instructions, times, dates, and instructions for responding to invitations are all important information that should be included in your invitation. You can use markers to write down the necessary information about Wedding Invitations, or you can use word processing programs and printers to print the information on the card. Homemade wedding invitations are the best way to welcome your wedding guests, and their nature. Theme is cheap and fun to make. Try this nature-themed wedding invitation for your big day and your wallet and your guests will be grateful!

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Wedding Photography in Reading

Wedding is really a special occasion that includes all loved ones, friends as well as individuals which have been a the main life of wedding couple. Wedding pictures is the easiest method to immortalize the actual occasion, while you get an opportunity of recording the classic and stunning memories which will cherish permanently. So, you should hire an expert wedding digital photographer for this important task. The preparations for the wedding start after the ceremony of engagement when the bride and groom exchange rings. Some of the important preparations include printing of wedding cards, booking of wedding location, selection and finalizing of dresses and suits, table settings, arrangement of cakes, food, drinks, flowers etc.

Long after your wonderful wedding day you can enjoy countless stunning pictures taken by wedding photographer in Reading. With their skill and imagination the wedding photographer in Reading provide happy couples with USB stick packed with stunning images. Some or all of the pictures provided by the wedding photographer in Reading could be used within the pages of a fabulous wedding album. This album can be looked upon many times in the future as a couple grow old gracefully. A wedding day should be magical and the images that are captured by Wedding photographer in Reading will reflect this fact. Book the services of a wedding photographer in Reading for your big day and you’ll be thankful later on in life.

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Unique Wedding Reception Entertainment

The typical wedding reception entertainment scheme of pretty flowers and background music is fine for some people, but all kinds of options exist to spice it up a bit and provide a celebration that everyone is sure to remember for years to come.

Before planning any of the following wedding reception entertainment ideas, please take this short bit of advice: discuss it first. These inventive ideas will hopefully bring amusement and vibrancy to your wedding reception entertainment, but it could spell tragedy if you surprise everyone (particularly your spouse) with something completely outlandish.

Build your wedding reception entertainment around a theme that suits your personalities and interests. Some specific examples could be:

For the country bumpkin in you, try a theme centered around the old west. The ol’ watering hole should be a big hit. Plant some (fake) muskets and six-shooters around the area and see what kind of drama erupts.

The renaissance era gives many options for a wedding reception entertainment theme. If you have ever been to a renaissance festival, you know what fun it can be. Hazah!

In this 21st century, much of the science fiction of the past has already come to reality. This is very fortunate for the tech-savvy couple looking to design a high-tech reception centered around a sci fi theme. Laser beams and shiny, metallic things always look futuristic.

Arrrh matey! Not all pirates are from the Caribbean, but they can all throw a wild party! A big treasure chest filled with Styrofoam peanuts can hide treasures for the kids to discover.

Ancient Egypt is always an intriguing theme for any party. Design a secret hieroglyphic message for your guests to decode and win a prize. The favorite and most important symbol for your ancient Egyptian wedding reception entertainment: the Ankh.

If you really want to get the guests roaring, try this: Hire absolutely the worst band you can find in the city. Allow them to play a couple of songs before you encourage the guests to boo them from the stage. Your real band can then emerge from the crowd and “save the day” with beautiful, professional tunes. (You will still pay the sucker band for their full set, of course. They did their part.)

Instead of subdued background music between sets, hire a comedian to perform during the band’s intermission. An hilarious and upbeat act will keep your guests attentive and help them catch a second wind for another round of celebration.

There is no rule book that says wedding reception entertainment must be confined to the stage. Magicians, mimes, and jugglers are a few examples of entertainers who could meander through the crowd and keep everyone on their toes. They can scope out the folks who might look bored or ignored, hopefully prying open a few smiles. Remember to ask the juggler to please forgo the flaming torches – just this once!

These are just a few wedding reception entertainment ideas to get you started. What you eventually decide to do should reflect your own tastes. But whatever you do, the key ingredient that must never be forgotten is: fun!

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If you’re going to have kids at the wedding, the number one thing to remember is to just RELAX, and understand well, ummm there are going to be kids at the wedding. Most parents will be diligent about keeping their little tikes in line. You certainly don’t have to provide a daycare or anything for that matter, but I presume if you’re reading this article, you’re probably the kind of gal that wants to figure out some ideas to entertain your little guests.

Below is a list of unique wedding ideas to keep all your little kids entertained at your wedding, so you can enjoy the day with very little interruption.

1. Have a Kid attendant, or several for that matter. This is a perfect job for the teenagers, that would love to be part of your wedding. A lot of teenagers babysit anyway, so they will be used to keeping them occupied. Having a couple, rotating in shifts, will make sure they can also get involved in the more grown up activities.

2. Have a special play room monitored by the Kid attendant. Don’t have a play room area? Then create a special corner for kid activities. One idea, that I think makes this work even better, is to have a couple corners with separate age divisions, with age appropriate activities.

3. “Professional Kid Photographers” – Have groups of kids separated and with Group Leaders, that help them take pictures to capture the wedding day from their viewpoint. Later take these photos and make a special “Wedding from the Kid’s View” scrapbook.

4. Bubbles – Utilize your Kids attendants to have a special bubble line. This could be a special dance or entrance that the kids provide the bubbles. The Kids attendants will have their group of kids to help stay organized.

5. Have a little larger budget for kid activities? Hire a clown or entertainer that keeps the little ones preoccupied in their activity room. Have movies playing, music, and crafts. This also lets mom and dad enjoy the wedding, while the entertainer and the Kids attendants enjoy their own day of fun.

6. I’ll throw this obvious one in here, but have a craft table. This seems to be one that a lot of people gravitate towards. Just keep in mind the activities should be non-mess as possible. Now back to the more unique ideas.

7. And my personal favorite. Have your wedding at a ZOO. The photo opportunities are amazing, and nothing says fun, for the kid in all of us, than a Zoo.

Kids can keep things interesting for sure, and there may be an outburst or two, but you can also count on them providing a tearful memory and plenty of smiles, as you celebrate your special day. So if you’re going to have kids at your wedding, expect the unexpected, do your best to have some options, and let your designated Kid attendants handle the rest.

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Outrageous Wedding Reception Entertainment

To truly create a buzz at your wedding, discuss with your partner and wedding planner some unique wedding entertainment ideas. You don’t have to have a ho hum boring wedding. Weddings no longer have to follow a particular format and can incorporate your personality and interests as a couple. By choosing to have wedding reception entertainment that is unique, will have your guests talking and about your wedding day for years to come.

By choosing to have a themed wedding, could allow many options for hiring and selection the wedding entertainment. For example if you have a barn wedding reception, you could have decorations that incorporate haystacks and entertainment which includes, mechanical bull riding, and for the kids some barn yard animals. Perhaps even animal rides and don’t forget the all important line dancing.

Other unique wedding entertainment ideas could be the hiring of photo booth to allow guests to take some candid shots of them-selves throughout the evening. You could also keep copies of all the photos for your wedding album. A caricature artist is another truly unique idea. What better than to have a couples caricature drawn on the night.

Another theme you might consider is a medieval carnival complete with clowns, mimes, jugglers, fire blowers and more. You could also hire a hot air balloon to take your guests up on a magical ride. Imagine the romantic and spectacular photos opportunities you could have with a medieval carnival. Trapeze performers are another authentic touch. How much fun would your guests have at a wedding that has so much to offer in entertainment? Of course, there are many whose budget would not allow for this sort of extravagance. Some of these ideas are best suited for all day affairs to get maximum enjoyment and as to not compromise certain wedding formalities.

For the more traditional bride and groom, you could hire a magician or comedian to entertain in between dance sets and wedding formalities. Don’t be afraid to incorporate a little culture into the wedding. For a Middle Eastern inspired wedding, hire a belly dancer, or for a New Zealand wedding, perhaps you could hire performers to perform the Hakka. A Hawaiian wedding could incorporate a Luau and Hawaiian dancers.

Spicing up your wedding celebrations could be a simple as incorporating an interesting theme for the day. There is no hard and fast rule to say that the wedding entertainment needs to be confined to wedding music and to the stage. The possibilities are endless. Your wedding entertainment can incorporate your interests and you as a couple. Here are just some ideas to get you started, some more outlandish and others more conservative. Be open minded and you could create a truly magical experience for both you and your guests. But whatever you choose do not the most important ingredient. Have fun on the day!

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